Mermaid Inspired Detail Card

If you find yourself belting out romantic ballads about collections, vocab words, and forbidden love on the reg. AND you love all things disney, beach life, and have dreamed your whole life that green fins, and a purple seashell bra would be your everyday wardrobe–then this mermaid inspired detail card is meant to be part of our world.

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It’s all in the fin details

Oh–you didn’t read that wrong, and I didn’t mistype (well at least not there😅.) This wedding stationery detail card definitley helps with the fine details–but it’s the fin detail that makes this special. As part of the Under the Sea mermaid inspired stationery collection it’s really just helping tell the story of your romantic love.

Details cards are SO versatile, and at 5″x5″ these beauties can really include a lot. Many couples use this card to…

  • Provide the Itinerary for a Destination Wedding
  • Give information for Hotel Accomodations
  • Share their fave spots around town with out of state guests
  • Include information for a post wedding brunch
  • Give details to the wedding party for their schedules for the big day
  • Invite special guests to rehearsal dinner
  • and whatever else is important for your wonderful wedding


I’m a total paper snob–which means that all of our stationery is printed on the most luxurious paper. And because this paper is helping set the mood for your big day, we also give options on the finish AND thickness. Check it out!

  • Eggshell | Our go-to paper is 120# (324gsm) and gives the perfect texture to any design.
  • Shimmer | This pearlescent 110# (300 gsm) beauty of a paper brings a fancyAF vibe to the design.
  • 30% Hemp | Yes–you read that right! This paper is made of 30% Hemp and is still nice an thick at 140# (roughly 380 gsm)
  • Double-Thick Eggshell | Make it Thick–with this 240# option, that instantly makes you invite stand out in your guests mailbox.
  • Double-Thick Shimmer | If you want the fancyAF meter to peg the f*ck out–this is your 220# (600gsm) paper!


  1. Build Your Suite | Browse our one-of-a-kind designs and select the items that best fit your big day’s vibe. Mix and match, stick to a single collection–whatever fits your fancy. Once you’ve added everything you want to your cart, head over to the checkout.
  2. Personalize That Shit | During the checkout process–you’ll be able to provide all the information for your big day. We copy EXACTLY what you write, so double check everything before hitting submit.
  3. Design Time | Molly and the Revolution Paper Co team will get to work personalizing your stationery. Once ready–you’ll be emailed a link to review a digital proof of your design before it goes into print production. Included with your order is (1) revision. If an additional revision and digital proof is necessary, you can purchase one.
  4. Print Away | With your design approved–off to print it goes! Once complete–our team will then do a quality control check of your items, and package them up for you. Then it’s off to UPS for shipment to your door!


Let’s be real–you’ve probably memorized every lyric, and script to this classic Disney movie, and you can’t imagine a better way to celebrate your big day than to incorporate your favorite movie. The Under the Sea collection is here to help with dinglehoppers and all!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .1 in


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