Elegant Dinosaur Wedding Invitation

When it comes to love–dinosaurs is definitely at the top of your list. So much so, you’re adding as much paleontology as you can to your big day! Which means you need a pre-historic invitation to match–but everything your find is cheesyAF. That is until you found this Elegant Dinosaur Wedding Invitation!

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Love, like life will find a way.

Why is it so damn hard to find elegant dinosaur wedding invitations?! You don’t want cutesy dinosaurs for your wedding–I mean sure they’re cute. But–NO! That’s so not the vibe your going for. You want classy, sophisticated, elegant dinosaur invitations. (Which is why you’re reading this right now I’m guessing.) Our Elegant Dinosaur Wedding Invitiation is with it’s elegant cursive calligraphy fonts, tasteful dinosaur fossil, and an homage to skin patterns this invitation is instantly going to say “soiree.”


I’m a total paper snob–which means that all of our stationery is printed on the most luxurious paper. And because this paper is helping set the mood for your big day, we also give options on the finish AND thickness. Check it out!

  • Eggshell | Our go-to paper is 120# (324gsm) and gives the perfect texture to any design.
  • Shimmer | This pearlescent 110# (300 gsm) beauty of a paper brings a fancyAF vibe to the design.
  • 30% Hemp | Yes–you read that right! This paper is made of 30% Hemp and is still nice an thick at 140# (roughly 380 gsm)
  • Double-Thick Eggshell | Make it Thick–with this 240# option, that instantly makes you invite stand out in your guests mailbox.
  • Double-Thick Shimmer | If you want the fancyAF meter to peg the f*ck out–this is your 220# (600gsm) paper!


  1. Build Your Suite | Browse our one-of-a-kind designs and select the items that best fit your big day’s vibe. Mix and match, stick to a single collection–whatever fits your fancy. Once you’ve added everything you want to your cart, head over to the checkout.
  2. Personalize That Shit | During the checkout process–you’ll be able to provide all the information for your big day. We copy EXACTLY what you write, so double check everything before hitting submit.
  3. Design Time | Molly and the Revolution Paper Co team will get to work personalizing your stationery. Once ready–you’ll be emailed a link to review a digital proof of your design before it goes into print production. Included with your order is (1) revision. If an additional revision and digital proof is necessary, you can purchase one.
  4. Print Away | With your design approved–off to print it goes! Once complete–our team will then do a quality control check of your items, and package them up for you. Then it’s off to UPS for shipment to your door!


This elegant dinosaur invitation is from our–“Gone Extinct” Collection. It’s perfect for paleontologists, or dinosaur enthusiasts alike!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .1 in

Prehistoric Pink, Clever Girl Blue


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