Finding your photography style + 4 ideas on where to find the perfect photographer for you!

As a wedding + commercial photographer, I hear all the time “I don’t like this photography studio’s photos” or “I don’t like this photographers’ work” from friends who are not in the wedding industry. They’re a normal (non-photographer) people just like you, and something doesn’t quite click. 

As a photographer, when I take a look at those images, I can’t find any faults. Most of the time they’re more than decent images. After all, you can’t survive in the photography industry if your images are blurry, underexposed, and not telling a story.

So why didn’t they like the images?

Well, it all comes down to personal preference. Every person on this planet has their own idea of what looks great when it comes to photography. Even you!

You like what you like. So what’s your photography style?

Before you can find start the search for your dream photographer, we need to figure out which style you like best. For the most party there are two major categories of photography.

Light and Airy Photography Style | Asian-American Bride and Groom looking lovingly in each other's arms at outdoor wedding ceremony.

The Light + Airy Photography Style

This photography style is all about tons of natural light, and has a soft elegance. If you are loving all of this then you’ll tend to favor photographs shot by film and hybrid photographers.

(FYI Hybrid Photography means the creative behind the lens has mastered emulating the look of film by carefully editing their digital photography).

Dark and Dramatic Photography Style | Lesbian Couple cuddling in  loving scene

The Dark + Dramatic Photography Style

This style is is all about tons of shadows, lots of contrast, and an overall dramatic look. If this is more your style then you’ll probably prefer the work of digital photographers who can bring out their desired look through the editing process.

How do you find photographers that get your style or more specifically, the look you want? 

Now that you know what kind of style you like most, it’s time to check out these four places to look for a photographer that can deliver the unique look you desire.

Online Blogs + Social Media

Look up wedding publications blogs online and on social media. They always have links to photographers’ websites or IG accounts.  Some of my favorites are Magnolia Rouge, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Brides, and Martha Stewart.

Your Inner Circle (AKA Freinds + Family)

This may seem a bit old-school, but…ask your friends who have gotten married in the past few years (whose wedding photos you love) and get their photographers’ info. From that point on you can check out their IG account. Don’t forget to check out who they’re following because most likely they follow other photographers that have similar styles. Sometimes they follow photographers with different styles than they have too!

Work with a Planner for the best vendors in town

Check with the wedding coordinator from your venue OR hire a wedding planner. They have connections with all types of vendors, especially photographers. They know a lot of photographers! I highly recommend you show the coordinator/wedding planner the images that you like so they can go through their photographer list and pick out the ones that best fit the look your are trying to achieve.

Facebook groups for the win

Facebook groups for photographers are a gold mine. No joke, there are hundreds if not thousands of them waiting for you to reach out. Try Hybrid Film Nest, Contax 645 Film Photography, Mastin Labs, and Weddings & Wanderlust just to name a few. There are tons of photographers with various styles on these 4 major FB photographer groups!

Light and  Airy Photography Style | White rustic 3-tiered wedding cake with blush roses surrounded by greenery sitting on a rustic wood cake platter

I hope all these tips help! And of course, if you’re looking for a hybrid photographer who can shoot both film and digital, don’t hesitate to contact me! I travel around the world as long as there is a lovely wedding going on ? !

Catherine, Owner of Peony Park Photography based in Southern California

meet the author


Is a fine art hybrid photographer and owner of Peony Park Photography based in Southern California, Catherine is dedicated to telling a story through her elegant and artistic photography. Every photo she takes will help surface wonderful memories that have you reliving the most precious events in your life.

When not shooting, Catherine travels around the globe getting inspiration from the cultures, history, and people she meets along the way.

Follow Catherine’s Photographic Journey on instagram and facebook.

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