Change the Date Templates for couples affected by Covid-19

I know that many of you are postponing or changing your wedding day plans to ensure the safety of your guests during this Covid-19 Pandemic.  You probably are feeling a rush of different emotions: frustrated that this is even happening, concerned for loved ones and their health, confused as to what exactly to do and you may even be grieving a bit for all the time spent planning.  It’s 100% normal to be feeling all these things and more. 

Whatever your situation, whether you’re changing the date to later in the year, just gonna elope and have a reception later, I am here to help you!

I figured the thing most couples need most right now is the wording to their change-the-dates. Below I have a few different wording templates that you are welcome to swipe to ensure your guests have the information they need no matter your way forward.

We Decided to Elope Announcement

Deciding to elope isn’t a bad idea! If you are in the Omaha/Lincoln metro area, Tiny Luxe Weddings specializes in intimate luxury elopements.

You still get to keep your wedding date (I’m sure it took you a while to find one and you’re probably pretty partial to it at this point!) Postponing the reception and having an epic bash later is kinda the best of both worlds.

A teal announcement with white letters telling wedding guests that the same sex couple has decided to elope.  They will have a party after the covid 19 pandemic has died down and celebrate their love together.

Partner 1 + Partner 2
have decided to elope

Our big day plans have changed
as we have decided we’d prefer an intimate wedding with just
us + nature + our parents.

But we still want to have an
epic celebration of our love
and you’re invited.

Please join us on
New Date @ New Time
Venue Name
Street Address
City State

Change the date (Modern + Fun)

This wording is for couples who like to keep it real, and want to show how concerned they are for their guest’s health.  It shows support of social distancing without being negative about the changes to the date.

Fun + joyful pink change-the-date for same sex couple whose wedding has been postponed due to covid 19 pandemic

Getting sick isn’t
our idea of fun,
so we want you to
stay safe at home.

We, Partner 1 + Partner 2
have changed our date
so we all can enjoy
the party of a lifetime
+ celebrate love together.

So mark your calendars
for New date

visit our site for more details
Wedding website goes here

Change the date (Modern + Formal)

This modern wording is a bit more formal and talks about the couple’s concerns not only for their loved ones but also that of the community.  This shows support for social distancing to keep the immunocompromised and elderly populations safe in a much more forward way. It also makes it sound like the couple is choosing to change the date and it is not a forced decision.

Formal change-the-date for same sex couple whose wedding has been postponed due to covid 19 pandemic

Change the Date

Both the health of our loved ones and the safety of our community are of the utmost importance to us.

So we, Partner 1 + Partner 2 have chosen to change our wedding date so that everyone can safely attend our celebration of love,

Same time.  Same place. New date.

New date
at time
in the morning/afternoon/evening

Venue Name
Address line 1
City, State

Change the date (Casual)

If you want to keep it casual and not really get into the reasons why, this casual approach may be perfect for you and your partner.

Partner 1 & Partner 2 have changed their date

New date

Same time. Same place. New Date.

For more details visit our wedding website

Website goes here


If you are at a loss for where to get things printed, I am here to help.  I will not profit off of wedding postponements caused by this pandemic. So I am donating my design time and will be providing printing at wholesale costs to ensure you can inform your guests about these situations as quickly as possible.

If you need to take advantage of this service, please click here to get started and I will do my best to accommodate as many couples as possible.

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